User Agreement is one of the commercial websites by which both buyers and sellers are able to fulfil their needs. Every website has its own set of rules for its users. Most of the websites have to follow complex rules and regulations to get the e-facilities, but not so for the users of There are no complicated contracts, but the contracts mentioned give you an overview of’s policies. All policies and mobile device terms are incorporated into this user agreement By accessing’s services or using, you agree to abide by all of the above agreements. For information on personal data processing, – plays a special role in protecting the privacy of its users. Please read these terms carefully before using’s services. By using the services of, you sign your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

  • If you register with as a business entity or on behalf of a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to legally bind that entity. If you are trading as a merchant on, you must comply with all applicable online trading laws for the site you are selling on.
  • You agree that will start providing its services to you as soon as you accept this User Agreement. You may cancel this User Agreement under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. (Business users can visit this help page here User can cancel the contract). reserves the right to recover the cost of any services rendered on behalf of Merchants up to the time prior to the Merchant’s termination of the User Agreement with In this case, the businessmen will be obliged to pay the said cost.
  • may terminate unverified accounts or accounts (which have been inactive for a long time). may modify its services or reserves the right to terminate its operations in its sole discretion.
  • Individual seller fees for using’s services are listed on’s individual sellers page and business seller fees for using’s services are listed on’s business seller page will be done may change its fees at its discretion. or 30 days before – may introduce new fees at any time by posting its changes on its site or through the message section of My BSM. If you do not agree to such notice, you may terminate your account without penalty within 30 days of the notice being issued.


  • You and will each process personal data obtained under and/or in connection with this User Agreement as separate and independent controllers. In no event will and you process Personal Data under this User Agreement and/or as joint controllers or in a controller-to-processor relationship. As such a separate and independent controller, the controller under applicable data protection laws You shall be individually and severally responsible for complying with the obligations applicable to you as such. You shall comply with your obligations under applicable data protection laws (including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”) and EU and local data including but not limited to supplemental protection laws. This includes but is not limited to, a third country or an Obligation to provide adequate protection for transfers of personal data to international organizations. You will process personal data received from exclusively for the purpose(s) for which you received the personal data under this User Agreement and/or in connection with this User Agreement. You will delete personal data obtained under this User Agreement as soon as the relevant purpose(s) have been fulfilled. Further processing of personal data is not permitted when legally required (e.g. if retention obligations apply). Failure to comply with the above obligations may result in disciplinary action up to and including account suspension. As part of the Services, has access to various information about users, including personal data This includes information that users receive as part of the Service Submits to (such as contact information or item details) as well as information generated by the provision and processing of the Services (such as ratings, sales analysis or communications). Through My BSM ( ) and upon request, through the sales tool, you may provide information necessary for the processing of transactions (in particular, other users involved in the transaction contact information) as well as aggregate information about the performance and analytics of your listing, which is partially related to data from other users of the Service (such as the number of impressions of a listing, conversion rate or return rate). only shares information about users with third parties if it is necessary for the provision of services or if is legally required to do so. or is contractually entitled to do so. Upon expiration of this User Agreement, we will delete information you provided, or that was created through your use of the Services, from your account. In any case, we retain this information after the end of the user agreement if we are legally obliged or have a legitimate interest to do so. Generally, after the expiration of the user agreement Maintain aggregate data generated using the Services (such as sales statistics in a category).
  • If you are a seller, you are responsible for transaction fees arising from all sales using some or all of the Services, even if the terms of the sales are finalized or paid outside of If you offer or specify your contact information as a seller or request contact information as a buyer, you are a member of BSM for that item on the site. A final price fee may be payable depending on the identity of the buyer, not only if you are selling on but in that case, you must have a payment method on file at the time of sale. If your payment method fails or your account expires, charges the other payment method on file and collects The agency or legal counsel may collect outstanding fees. Vendor fees are not only purchased in terms of exclusive rights to item exposure but may also be done through websites, mobile apps or otherwise. may also display advertisements (including links and references) or other content of third parties on any part of their Services at its sole discretion or necessity.
  • When listing an item, you agree to abide by the Listing and Selling Practices Policy and that: – You are responsible for the accuracy, content and legality of the listed item and agree to list in accordance with the Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy, your listing is immediately keyworded for up to 24 hours or may not be searchable by category. does not guarantee exact listing periods when you are fixed-price If you create a listing, it will automatically renew every 30 days based on the terms of this listing until the quantity is sold or you cancel the listing. Your fixed-price listings will automatically renew once per calendar month until quantities are sold or you cancel the listing. On the initial list start date is on the correct day of the month in which the renewal takes place Depending, You are responsible for all taxes (including but not limited to fines, penalties, charges, or late payment interest) related to your sales on the site. To the extent possible under English law, you will indemnify us on demand for all costs incurred by us, including but not limited to tax, penalties and interest imposed by any competent taxing authority as a result of your failure to pay a valid VAT. Registration Number and/or your failure to pay any such tax, penalty or interest, Content that violates’s policies may be edited, obscured or deleted at’s discretion, .uk strives to create a marketplace where shoppers find what they’re looking for. Therefore, the appearance or placement of listings in search and browse results will depend on several factors, including:
  • Even when selling an item, you are bound to set rules for buyers.
  • Sellers can create automatic returns and refund rules for certain situations. For all new sellers, can set a default rule that automates the return process for some or all listings where returns are accepted. Sellers can remove or customize their return preferences in their account settings within My BSM. Where returns are set to automatically accept requests Once done, your buyer will be provided with a BanglaSupermarket-generated return postage label. You agree to abide by our return policy. When an item is returned, for a refund to the buyer, (and if the transaction was not processed through Managed Payments), you can request PayPal to reverse the refund amount (in the same or a different currency) from your PayPal account to approve, or alternatively place the amount on your vendor invoice as a fee (which may be charged to your automatic payment method on file). If the buyer returns an item because it does not match the description in the listing, the seller is usually responsible for the postage costs. The cost of return shipping for an item that is not as described is the responsibility of the seller. You charge the return postage on your seller’s invoice and authorise to include auto-refunds, which may be charged to your automatic payment method on file, when: 1. An BanglaSupermarke-generated return postage label is used, and the seller is responsible for its cost; , 2. Returns and refunds are automated and 3. You fail to send your buyer a return postage label and a BanglaSupermarket-generated label is used instead. 
  • Most sales go smoothly, but if there is a problem with a purchase, the Money Back Guarantee helps buyers and sellers communicate and resolve the issue. The Money Back Guarantee Policy is a part of this User Agreement and is incorporated by reference. You agree to abide by the Policy and make the final decision in any case allow Under BSM’s Money Back Guarantee, if a seller chooses or settles a case in favour of the buyer to refund the buyer or, we may: * For transactions processed through managed payments, – er money back Request  BSM to refund the buyer on your behalf as per the guarantee policy which processed the payment If the funds retained by the Seller based on a successful BSM Money Back Guarantee claim are insufficient to reimburse the Buyer, the Seller is obligated to reimburse us for the amount owed to the Buyer. Sellers are parties to in accordance with BSM’s policies and procedures (including any amounts resulting from international transactions as set out in the BSM Money Back Guarantee Policy). Allows recovery of these amounts from the seller. For transactions that are not processed through Managed Payments, remove funds from the Seller’s PayPal account to pay the Buyer the cost of the item, the original postage cost and, where applicable, the return postage cost, as authorized by the Seller under our User Agreement; or where there are insufficient funds in the seller’s PayPal account includes, the cost of the item directly to the buyer, the actual postage cost and, where applicable, the return postage cost, and in this case, the seller must refund us in full, and in a timely manner, for an amount equal to the amount we paid the buyer.
  • reserves the right to correct any processing errors discovered. corrects processing errors by debiting or crediting the payment method used for its BSM Money Back Guarantee refund.
  • We strive to keep and its services safe, secure and functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee continuous operation or access to our services. Bid updates and other notification functionality on’s services may not occur in real-time. Such performance is subject to delays beyond the control of WE (INCLUDING OUR PARENTS, SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, DIRECTORS, AGENTS AND EMPLOYEES) SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY BUSINESS DAMAGES IN CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) OR OTHERWISE FOR LOSS OF DATA, PROFITS, REVENUES, BUSINESS, OPPORTUNITIES, GOODWILL, (REPUTATION OR for business interruption or any loss which cannot reasonably be foreseen to arise directly or indirectly from us). 
  • You will fully indemnify us (and our officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) against the costs of any damages incurred by you, including reasonable legal fees, arising out of any breach by you of this User Agreement; Your inappropriate use. (misuse of’s services or your violation of any law or third-party rights).
  • If a dispute arises between you and, we strongly encourage you to contact us directly for resolution by first contacting Customer Support.’s customer service is free for every user to submit complaints and other inquiries. We use alternative dispute resolution methods We consider reasonable requests to resolve disputes, such as mediation or arbitration, as an alternative to litigation. Any claim, dispute or matter under or in connection with this User Agreement shall be governed by and determined by the laws of England and Wales. Both you and agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. In simple words, “non-exclusivity of English courts “Jurisdiction” means that if you are able to bring a claim against us arising out of or in connection with this User Agreement, the applicable court will be a court located in England, but you may choose to bring a claim in another country instead. English Law Will be applicable in all cases.
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