Privacy Policy

Welcome to abbreviated as (BSM) and operated by BSM Website, we respect your privacy and want to protect your personal information. Also, in order to improve business, information about you collects and uses that information for business purposes. To know more, please read the privacy policy of




  • Data security is a matter of trust and your privacy is very important to Therefore only uses your name and other information relating to you in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. (BSM) will only collect information where doing so is strictly necessary for the conduct of (BSM)’s business operations and (BSM) will only collect information if it is relevant to (BSM)’s dealings with you.


  • ( BSM ) – will not ask for or store your information on any irrelevant matter. ( BSM ) – will retain your information only for as long as’s use is permitted by law or relevant to the purpose for which it was collected.


  • (BSM) carefully analyzes the type of information (BSM) needs to provide its services and the information (BSM) collects only to the extent that (BSM) does. Try to limit as much as necessary. Whenever possible, BSM deletes or anonymizes this information when (BSM) no longer needs this information. ( BSM ) – When developing and developing its products, ( BSM ) – its engineers work closely with its privacy and security team to build ( BSM ) with privacy in mind. (BSM)’s guiding principle in all these works is – that your information belongs to you, and we aim to use your information only for your benefit).


  • If a third party requests your personal information, 9 BSM will never disclose any of your information without your permission unless you give permission to 9 BSM. (BSM) – BSM will refuse to share it unless it is legally required for some reason. When (BSM) is legally required to share your personal information, (BSM) will notify you in advance.


  • You can browse the whole site of (BSM) without any login and you don’t need to provide any personal details, you can browse this website at will. (BSM) – Visit the site While you will be anonymous even if you do not have an account, you can browse the website of (BSM) and (BSM) as long as users do not log in with their name and password. Can’t identify you.


  • The information we collect or share about you is – ( BSM ) Information we collect from you – *name, email address, mailing address, identifier including phone number, * name, mailing and billing address, categories of personal information listed in the California Consumer Records Act, including phone numbers, credit or debit card information, * products you purchase, place in your shopping cart, favourites or Commercial information, including reviews (if you are a customer) and information you provide us about you and your business (if you are a merchant), * photos and videos, which may include facial images, if you choose to provide them. * The device and browser you use, network connection, IP address and how you browse through our apps and sites Internet or other electronic network activity information, including related information, * geolocation data including your mailing and billing addresses, * information derived from inferences, or other personal information about you, which may include your preferences, interests, and other information used to personalize your experience. , * Other information you provide such as sensitive personal information, which may include: social security, driver Government-issued identifiers, including license, state identification card, or passport number, * Your account access credentials (such as account log-in, financial account, debit or credit card number Any required security access code, password, or authorization to access an account in combination with such credentials), * the precise location of your device (if you are a Shop App user, but only when you provide the Shop with this information allow access), information you voluntarily disclose that may reveal certain characteristics about you such as your racial or ethnic origin or sexual orientation, * the content of email messages in the email inbox you associate with your Shop account and in your order history ( (if you use the Store) to include information from email messages you transfer to the App. something more Personal Information – * Companies that help us deliver our Services, including cloud storage providers, payment processors, complementary partners, security vendors, email providers, marketplaces and data analytics vendors, * Advertisers and marketing vendors, * Merchant stores you visit or Purchasers, partners who provide various services to merchants, such as apps for use by merchants or Creates themes, acts as an affiliate that refers potential merchants to us or helps merchants create or operate stores, * in connection with law enforcement or other third party legal requests, to comply with applicable laws or to prevent harm.


  • ( BSM ) – Keeping your security and privacy in mind ( BSM ) – has designed its own systems such as – ( BSM ) which uses encryption protocols and software to protect your personal information during transmission. Credit Card Data Management (BSM) follows the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). (BSM) Maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards related to the collection, storage and disclosure of personal customer information. ( BSM )’s security procedures mean that ( BSM ) may ask you to verify your identity before disclosing personal information. ( BSM ) – Its devices offer security features to protect against unauthorized access and data loss. You can control these features and your You can configure them based on your needs Protecting your passwords and your computer, devices and applications from unauthorized access is important to you ( BSM ) recommends using a unique password for your ( BSM ) account that is not used for other online accounts. And so don’t forget to sign off when you’re done using a shared computer.
    ( BSM ) collects, uses and (under certain conditions) discloses your personal information in accordance with the above privacy policy. This Privacy Policy applies to and explains the steps that BSM has taken to protect your personal information.

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