Cookies and Ad Cookies – You can adjust the settings for the usage of your eBay activity for customized advertising purposes on the site AdChoice – BSM Advertising Preferences.  Users in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), Switzerland and the United Kingdom (“UK”) can access this tool to determine whether they consent to the use of cookies and similar technologies by our third-party partners for advertising and content rationalization, measurement and analytics purposes. Our Cookie Notice details all relevant information regarding the use of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies in connection to ( BSM )’s websites, applications, services, products and tools (hereinafter: “Services”) and your choice options in this regard. This Cookie Notice shall be read in conjunction with our User Privacy Notice. This Cookie Notice is applicable regardless of how you access and make use of our Services including the access via mobile devices and apps.

They may be (technically) necessary for the provision of our Services

They help us to technically enhance our Services (e.g. monitoring of error messages and loading times)

They help us to recognize you so we can improve your user experience (e.g., by saving the font size and data entered into web forms)

They enable us to show you more relevant ads


  • When you use our Services, we and authorized third-party providers make use of cookies and similar technologies (which we will refer to collectively as “cookies”). We make use of two main types of cookies: those which will not be saved on your device or which will only be saved on your device for as long as your browser is active (called session cookies); and those which will be saved on your device for a longer period (called persistent cookies). We take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our cookies.
  • Some of our partners use cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies to deliver content tailored to your interests, including ads, on and off our properties. This includes using technologies to determine how relevant the ads are for you, which ads have already been shown to you, how often they have been shown, when and where they have been shown and if you have reacted by carrying out an activity – such as clicking on an ad or purchasing an item. For this purpose, data may be combined with data already collected regarding your interests.
  • Your choice options for the use of cookies relating to our Services will depend on the purposes for which we use these technologies.
  • California law requires us to let you know how we respond to web browser Do Not Track (DNT) signals. Because there currently isn’t an industry or legal standard for recognizing or honouring DNT signals, we don’t respond to them at this time. We await the result of work by the privacy community and industry to determine when such a response is appropriate and what form it should take. AdChoice –

In order to show customized ads we think you’ll find interesting on and off our affiliated properties, we may use information you make available to us when you interact with our sites, content or services. You have the ability to opt out of these customized ads at any time. Please keep in mind if you opt-out, you’ll still see ads, but they won’t be tailored to your interests based on your ( BSM )’s activity.

With AdChoice, you can choose whether to see customized advertising on eBay or on the websites of our advertising partners. When you search, browse, and interact on ( BSM ) and our affiliated websites, we’ll use this information to make the ads.

You’ll see an AdChoice link and icon on ads that are part of the AdChoice program. When you select the link or icon, you’ll get more information about AdChoice as well as options to specify your advertising preferences.

When you select the AdChoice link or icon, you’ll be able to access and read our User Privacy Notice in the pop-up window. If you can’t see the pop-up, you might need to disable your pop-up blocker.

Follow these steps to opt in or out of AdChoice customized ads: Go to our AdChoice page. In May we use your ( BSM ) activity to show you a customized ad box and set the toggle to Yes or No.

If you select No, you’ll no longer receive customized ads on the browser you’re currently using. If you use other browsers and devices to access the internet, you’ll need to opt out of those browsers and devices as well. If you opt-out, you’ll still see ads with the AdChoice link and icon, but the ads won’t be customized for you. 

You can specify your AdChoice preferences using the link in an AdChoice ad. Here’s how: Select the AdChoice link on an ad with the AdChoice icon. You’ll see information about the ad and the advertiser’s privacy practices. Select your options, such as whether to opt out of all personalized advertising or to just reject that particular advertiser.

We take your privacy seriously, so we don’t share personally identifying information with any of our partners. We may work with other websites or ad networks to help bring you relevant ads, and these partners may also have access to some of the information we collect. We have controls in place designed to prevent them from identifying you.

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