Cancellation Policy

At Bangla, buyers and sellers have to use the Cancellation Policy at different times for various needs. The buyers and sellers of Bangla Shortcut (BSM) perform the cancellation policy tasks in several steps. Below is the cancellation policy of – – Order Cancellation Policy BSM’s policies for buyers and sellers are detailed to ensure quality service and user protection. Sellers on can cancel an order at any time before shipment, and the buyer can also cancel an order within 30 minutes of placing the order. will deduct the charge if the third-party seller cancels the order due to supply chain or technical issues. ( BSM ) – Sellers follow a low cancellation policy to maintain their cancellation rate (CR) to keep their accounts healthy. The cancellation rate is the seller’s total number of orders in a given 7-day period. This rate applies only to orders fulfilled by the seller but does not include canceled or pending orders initiated by the buyer. – To sell a seller ( BSM ) account should maintain a cancellation rate below 2.5%. Also – closely monitors seller-canceled orders and may offer account suspension due to seller order cancellations. To avoid such consequences, a seller must ensure that the items listed in their ( BSM ) account are in stock and available for delivery. high Cancellation rates will affect your cancellation rate and negatively impact your vendors’ performance metrics, affecting your sales and reducing customer satisfaction. Always make sure your cancellation rate is right. your To check account status, you can visit the Account Health page under Seller Central. Then under the Delivery Performance section, select View Details. Next, click on the Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate tab. Get down. If required, you can download the report. 

How to cancel order before shipping

If you know how to be a ( BSM ) – seller, you know that you can cancel orders before shipment because the ordered item will not be shipped on time or the item is out of stock. However, the process is not that complicated if the shipment is not initiated. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it: 

First, log in to your seller account. Navigate to the Manage Orders section and select View Your Orders. Under this section, you can manually browse your orders or use the standard search/advanced search option to find the specific order you want to cancel. Once you locate the order in question, you will find a Cancel Order button. This is usually below or next to the order in the page view.

Click Cancel Selected Items after selecting the order you want to cancel. Then a canceled item page will automatically pop up. Then you need to give the reason for cancellation or choose a reason from the dropdown list provided.

After that, you can submit the cancellation by pressing submit. Your order will automatically be canceled and a notification mail will be sent to the buyer to update them about the cancellation. How to cancel multi-channel fulfillment orders

( BSM ) – As a seller, you can cancel multi-channel fulfillment orders while in the planning, processing, or pending stages. However, once an order has moved to the shipping or invoice stage, you do not have the option to cancel. To cancel a Fulfillment by Amazon order, here is what you should follow: Log in to your ( BSM ) seller account.

Navigate to the Upload Multi-Channel Fulfillment File page and click Cancel Order. Under that, you’ll select Download Templates. Take your time and review the definitions and instructions to avoid mistakes.

In the Merchant Fulfillment ID column, you type the order ID of the multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) order that you need to cancel. After that, save the file as a test and return to the multi-channel fill file page. Click Cancel Order.

Then navigate to upload your canceled order file and select Browse to locate the file Once you find the file, upload the file and your cancellation request.

After that, go to Review file status and select Refresh to see upload progress Upon cancellation, a notification will be sent to the buyer to keep them updated

Remember, stock orders will have an unfulfilled status. For such an instance, you need to contact its customer services at the (BSM) website and inform them that the item is out of stock. Failing to do so, the cancellation will not go through the process.

On the same note, if your buyer wants to continue purchasing the order, they will have the option to wait until the product is back in stock, but they will have to place a new order. How to cancel a fulfillment by (FBA) order

As we said, orders can be canceled at any time while they are being paid through Fulfillment by ( BSM) /FBA, Pending or Unshipped status. The step-by-step guide on how you can cancel a Fulfillment (BSM) order is analyzed below.

Log in to your ( BSM ) account ( BSM ) Contact vendor support ( BSM ) Provide specific order details, and order id to a representative Then give them the order’s ( BSM ) standard identification number (ASIN) and the quantity of the item in the ASIN. After that, give them specific reasons for cancellation.

( BSM ) The selling agent will give you a cancellation confirmation and send an email directly to the buyer informing them of the cancellation. It is important to note that if you accidentally cancel the wrong order, it cannot be reinstated. So you have to be very careful while conducting this process.

However, ( BSM ) the seller contacts the buyer to inform them of the mistake. If the buyer is still interested, you can request them to order again. How to cancel an order on after shipping – Sellers are required by law to issue refunds for canceled orders ( BSM ). This is due to the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which give the buyer the right to cancel the purchase up to 14 days after the delivery of the order. 

This policy applies not only to ( BSM ) sellers but also to other e-commerce retailers. You can cancel the order for free if the shipping process has not started. Apart from this, (BSM) will not charge you any cancellation fee if the order has already been shipped.

It takes about 30 minutes. If a buyer submits a cancellation request after thirty minutes, you need to contact them and let them know that the shipment process has started. However, a buyer will have the option to return purchased items. If you want to contact the buyer, you can find their contact information under the order ID or in the seller’s order list. It is important to note that if an item is returned in perfect condition, the order is, it will be canceled immediately and a ( BSM ) refund will be issued to your customer’s original payment method. The refund process will vary depending on the item purchased and its return status. When a canceled order goes through, it takes a few minutes for the refund to be credited to the buyer’s credit card or bank account ( BSM ) three to thirty depending on the payment method of the customer Will pay the total original purchase price within days. The relevant sum may take 3-5 days to appear on their credit card statement or up to ten working days for debit cards. Refunds may take up to 30 days for purchases made through prepaid credit cards. Canceled Order Refund Policy 

( BSM ) – Sellers are obligated to refund canceled orders, regardless of who canceled them. However, if purchased orders are canceled before the shipping process begins. There are other situations in which the seller may honor a refund request, including:

Customers received defective items. A purchased product does not match the listing description. A seller’s product is no longer available, offers a full refund provided the returned item is in good condition and unopened. How handles order cancellation rates

Above all,’s cancellation process is pretty easy, but as mentions, if sellers have a cancellation rate of more than 2.5%, that seller will easily lose their seller rights. To avoid this, the seller must regularly monitor his performance and ensure that he is available on the orders listed on the – site.

Also, the seller must constantly communicate with his customers and contact the support of (BSM) to inform them in case of any delay or cancellation. Your open communication will always maintain a great relationship with your suppliers to make sure you have orders whenever needed. For order fulfillment, it makes sense to invest in reliable and advanced inventory management technology. Additionally, you need to know your inventory turnover and if you use fulfillment programs, always make sure your products are in stock and the ( BSM ) warehouse. 

( BSM ) – Provides the tools and techniques needed for inventory and supply chain management.

Fulfill orders on time, and cancel orders as soon as possible. This is to reduce the chances of receiving negative feedback from your buyers will help.

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