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The terms and conditions set out on BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk form a legal agreement between you (i.e. if you are the sole proprietor of your business) or your businesses if you have signed up on behalf of a corporation or other legal entity (the “Agreement ” or “Shopify Payment Terms”) are formulated, and this agreement is the Payments terms of use.


Conditions –


– Introduction

-Access to Platform and Seller Center

-Integrating products into the platform

-Vendor performance

-Customer Service

-Seller’s Obligations

-Commission Payment

-Seller’s Warranty Policy

-Intellectual property

-Confidentiality compensation



-Force Majeure

-Duration and Termination








The payment services of BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk are –



  • BanglasuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) Payment Services are: (i) Payment Account Boarding; (ii) underwriting payments; and, (iii) payment data transmission services that enable you to integrate with a payment processor (“Processor”), as more fully described in this Agreement. Payment Services may also apply to your use of point-of-sale equipment (“POS Equipment”), subject to availability. Subject to your selection to collect it. You hereby appoint BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) as your agent to provide information and instructions on your behalf to the Processor. On the other hand BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) under certain other terms of platform services, BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) offers you its online storefront, shopping cart, store Provides management, marketing and other services. These Platform Terms are hereby incorporated by reference and you accept them by accepting this Agreement. BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) is a platform that supplies or procures products under the terms and conditions, and the supply of products through this agreement constitutes a contract.


  • The Processor The Processor is Stripe, Inc., organized under the laws of Delaware, which may offer the Services as a technology service provider and agent to one or more financial institutions in the United States (each, a “Financial Services Provider”). Processing and Settlement of Transactions (as defined below) (“Payment Processing”) is a separate transaction by the Processor and any Financial Service Provider. Accounts are operated under the Agreement, including the US Stripe Service Agreement and applicable Financial Terms of Service, and the amount of payment methods you use are subject to additional terms, the Payment Terms (collectively, the “Processor Terms”). By accepting this Agreement, you also acknowledge and agree to be bound by the Processor’s Terms, which are legally binding between you and the Processor. contract The role of the processor is to accept and process credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment (collectively “Card”) in connection with the sale of your goods and services through Internet-based transactions (“Card Not Present Transactions” or “CNP Transactions”). ) as applicable, in-person, point-of-sale transactions (“Card Present Transactions” or “CP Transactions”) as well as manually entered transactions at the POS equipment processor. Allows transmission of data from (“Keyed Transactions”). CNP Transactions, CP Transactions and Keyed Transactions shall be collectively referred to herein as “Transactions”. BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) is not a party to the Processor Terms and shall not be liable to you in respect thereof. By accepting this Agreement and the Processor’s terms and conditions, you agree to create an account with the Processor for payment processing and named (“Processor Account”). ( BSM ) reserves the right to change the Processor, subject to the terms of (BSM )’s agreement with the Processor. In the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement and the Processor’s Terms, this Agreement shall prevail, except for any inconsistency between this Agreement and the Processor’s Terms regarding payment processing or the Processor Account, the Processor’s Terms shall prevail as noted above.


  • Shop Pay Installment You may enable Shop Pay Installment through your Merchant Portal or through your use of Shop Pay Installment and by accepting this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the Shop Pay Installment Terms and Merchant Agreement (Shop Pay Installment). And it is confirmed by BanglaSupermarket.co.uk (BSM).


  • Payment Services ( BSM ) grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited, revocable right (“License”) to use the Payment Services. This license shall be for the term of this Agreement only. Neither the license nor any other provision hereof shall grant any right to the Payment Services or other intellectual property rights other than the limited use license set forth above.


  • You shall: (i) not allow any third party to access the Payment Services, including your ( BSM ) admin on ( BSM )’s website, except as permitted herein and to perform transactions; (ii) create derivative works based on the Payment Services; (iii) copy, frame or mirror any part of the content of the Payment Services other than copying or framing for your internal business purposes; (iv) reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or trade secrets of the Payment Services; or, (v) access the Payment Services to create a competitive product or service


  • Payment services support most payment network cards including credit, debit, pre-paid or gift cards to make payments. YOU ASSUME SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE USE OF THE PAYMENT SERVICES YOU ALSO ASSUME SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY FOR TRANSACTIONS UNDER PROCESSOR TERMS. A presented card is used to identify customers and purchase your products and services You are solely responsible for verifying eligibility, and BanglaSupermarket.co.uk ( BSM ) does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for authorized and completed transactions that may subsequently be reversed or charged back.


  • BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk (BSM) uses commercially reasonable efforts to provide customer support to you (BSM) in order to assist customers in resolving issues related to payment services. The Processor retains the sole and exclusive responsibility for the payment processing of transactions, including settlement of funds, even if BanglasuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) makes payments between you and the Processor. Provide reasonable assistance in communicating about the Processing Services. You shall be solely and exclusively responsible for providing customer service or support to your customers for any and all problems related to your products and services, including (but not limited to) problems arising from the processing of cards through the Payment Service.


  • Tax is your sole and exclusive responsibility for determining the payments you receive in connection with the sale of your products and services and/or your use of the payment service (“Tax”). It is your sole responsibility to assess, collect, report or remit to the proper tax authorities the correct taxes in customers’ jurisdictions, your jurisdiction or elsewhere. BanglasuperMarket.co.uk (BSM) deems such reporting necessary and therefore collects such reports.


  • If your customers are prohibited by law, you will not charge a fee or surcharge to a customer who wants to use an eligible card. You will provide your customer with an informational slip or receipt at the end of the transaction that includes all information required under Payment Network Rules and applicable law.


  • BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) maintains commercially reasonable administrative, technical and physical procedures to protect security. All personal information about you and your customers is collected accurately.


  • Data Security You assume full responsibility for the security of data on your website or otherwise in your possession or control. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding your collection, security and transmission of any personal, financial, card or transaction information (collectively, “Data” and with respect to your customers, “Cardholder Data”). You agree that you always use the applicable payment card Comply with Industry Data Security Standards (“PCI-DSS”) and, as applicable, Payment Application Data Security Standards (“PA-DSS”). You agree to provide Shopify with documentation evidencing your compliance with PCI-DSS and/or PA-DSS upon request. It is also your responsibility to comply with all payment network regulations including PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, and CVV2.


  • Your privacy and the protection of your data is very important to BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ). You acknowledge that you have received, fully read and agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy, our Data Processing Addendum and the Processor’s Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum are included in this Agreement.


  • Automatic Reminders BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) may use automated telephone dialling, text messaging systems and email to provide you with messages about your ( BSM ) payment account. Telephone messages may be played automatically by a machine when the telephone is answered, whether answered by you or another party. These messages are on your answering machine or May be recorded by voicemail. You permit ( BSM ) to call or send text messages to any telephone number you provide and may play pre-recorded messages or send text messages containing information about this Agreement or your account over the phone. You agree that BanglaSupermarket.co.uk ( BSM ) shall not be liable to you for any such calls or electronic communications, even if any Information is also communicated to unintended recipients. You understand that when you receive such calls or electronic communications you may incur charges from the telecommunication, wireless and/or internet service provider for receiving this service. You agree that BnaglaSuperMarket.co shall be liable for such charges. .uk ( BSM ) – no liability. If you telephone no You agree to immediately notify BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk (BSM) if you change or otherwise cease to be a subscriber or regular user of the telephone number or email address previously provided by (BSM).
  • Registration Payment Services are made available only to persons in the United States who conduct a business selling goods and services. You may not use the Payment Services for non-commercial, personal, family or household purposes. To use ( BSM ) Payments for your business, you need to register for a ( BSM ) Payments account. When you pay for a ( BSM ).co.uk –When you register for an account, information such as your name (if you are a sole proprietor), your business or business name, your address, email, phone number, business identification or registration number and certain other information will be collected. That we need. We may collect personal information (including name, date of birth, and government-issued identification number) about your beneficial owner or principal.


  • Company Description and Site URL As part of your registration, you must provide the name under which you do business (which can be the legal name of the business or a “trading name”) (such as MyStore Online Widget) and a billing descriptor. These two fields and your site’s URL may appear on your customers’ credit or debit card statements. Customer confusion and transactional disputes Avoid writing a description that clearly identifies your business. You hereby agree to indemnify BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) from any costs, liabilities, damages, or costs of disputes arising out of your failure.


  • Verification and Underwriting BanglaSuperMarket.cp.uk ( BSM ) may require additional information to verify your identity, including your company registration number or business number, your HST, GST, or tax number and, if applicable, your date of birth. can ( BSM ) may also ask for additional information to help verify your identity and assess your business risk This may include, but is not limited to, business invoices, reseller approval or distributor information or other government-issued identification, or business licenses. For any owner or head of your business. ( BSM ) can ask for your financial statements. It may require direct visits to your place of business and to examine books and records relating to your compliance with this Agreement. May request your permission for. Your failure to comply with any of these requests may result in the suspension or termination of your ( BSM ) payment account and processor account. You authorize BanglaSuperMarket.co.uk ( BSM ) to retrieve additional information about you from third parties and other identification services.


  • ( BSM ) Payment Fees You agree to pay the processing fees set forth in your BSM Admin, which are incorporated herein by reference (“Processing Fees”). The processing fee will be collected from you by the processor on behalf of BanglaSuperMarket.o.uk i.e. (BSM) as per the terms of the Stripe Linked Account Agreement.


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